Beta Single Sign-On for Web3

Add crypto wallet login to any website with only a few lines of code. As easy as adding another social login button. Perfect for gating access to members-only NFT communities, and more!

Multiple Wallets

LoginWith takes care of handling all the different web3 wallets, whether they're mobile, desktop, browser extension, etc.

Multiple Blockchains

Ethereum (including EVM-compatible networks) and Solana supported out of the box. Opt-in to what networks you want to support. More soon.

Lightning Fast

Blinding-fast CDN-hosted script bundle. Always up-to-date.

<script type="module" src=""></script>

window.addEventListener("load", async () => {
  let loginwith = LoginWith(YOUR_LOGIN_WITH_API_KEY)
  await loginwith.init()

  loginwith.onlogin = async (network, user, ticket) => {
    // submit LoginWith Ticket (LWT) to your server for verification
    document.forms['loginwith'].lwt.value = ticket

  document.querySelector("#loginwith").onclick = () => loginwith.start();

<!-- and a button to trigger web3 login popup -->
<form name="loginwith" method="post" action="/login/web3">
  <input type="hidden" name="lwt">
  <button id="loginwith">Login With Web3</button>


Better Together

web2 + web3 = ❤️

LoginWith brings together a seamless and joyful web3 sign-in experience for your users, already supporting popular wallets. And with WalletConnect integration, any wallet in the metaverse can login with us. Compatible with Sign-In with Ethereum, too.